Five types of mugs that make great gifts

Mugs can be made from many types of materials. Each one comes with its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the intent of use or who the recipient is going to be. Here are five of the best types of mugs that would make great gifts for any occasion. You just have to know if they work best with cold or hot drinks before using them to serve any type of beverage. 


Ceramic is the most common material for mugs thanks to its versatility to work with hot and cold drinks. They are also safe to use in microwaves which are ideal for quick reheating of your morning coffee. However, they are so common that most people are not impressed by them regardless of what you print on the sides. It’s cheap and can be bought in bulk so you can prepare them as giveaways at an event.


Orange Mugs suggests porcelain as the ideal material for a gift mug. It is as versatile as a ceramic mug with the ability to comfortably hold either a hot or a cold drink while also being safe to use in a microwave. They are more elegant to look at and easy to hand wash. The only problems are that it is more fragile than ceramic and is usually only available in white. Other mugs can be more colourful so porcelain is not the best gift for someone who likes vivid colours over elegance. 


An acrylic mug is a perfect gift for a child or as a cheap giveaway for an event that you are hosting. It’s colourful, usually transparent, and it is lighter than the other materials. It is also a popular mug for cold drinks such as soda, juice, or chilled water. However, it is a poor choice for warm coffee and chocolate drinks because acrylic can melt easily. Even if you don’t see any visible damage, it could result in health problems. 


Polypropylene (or PP) is a better alternative to acrylic as a clear mug for warm drinks. It is also microwavable so adults can enjoy having a fun coloured transparent mug for their coffee. PP Mugs are also good at holding cold drinks so it is as versatile as ceramic albeit more durable as it can bounce when dropped rather than shatter. It has a 20-year life cycle in which you have to throw it away as recyclable. 


Stone mugs can be made from clay, flint, stone, or a combination of the three. It is very durable enough to survive a fall but it is prone to chips and scratches. Stone mugs can be more customizable than ceramic which makes them ideal for a very festive occasion. 

Stoneware is safe to use in the microwave but it won’t be effective at heating its contents. Orange Mugs suggests heating your coffee in the oven when using the stone mug but handle it with a mitten when removing it from the tray. Stone cools quickly but keeps the contents warm.

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