About Us

Our company story here at Oranges Mugs 

The Oranges Mug story began several years ago when our beloved CEO decided that he wanted to open a shop that prints photos. That way, people who had cameras could come over and have their photos either developed or printed on glossy paper. 

Photography was her passion, and eventually, the business grew from printing photos to selling cameras and accessories. When more people came and showed their support, our CEO decided to make it a full-fledged printing and customization company. 

Customized items were a trend at the time and they are still used by many people today. So, printing presses were bought and we tried to learn more about customizing different things. We started with mugs, and once we released our first few sample designs, it became a hit. 

Every time someone celebrated a party or any kind of special occasion in the area, we would usually be hired to give party favours, banners or balloons. This went on for several years until we decided to expand our product offerings and customize almost everything we can get our hands on.

However, the mugs remained to be the most popular products we have. This is why we eventually renamed the business and rebranded it to Oranges Mugs. Since our rebranding, we have probably sold thousands of mugs to the people here in the city and in other places in South Africa. 

So, if you would like to learn more about us and buy some of our products, please feel free to send us a message. We will be happy to help you out in any way we can. 

Why we chose to go into the printing business

You may be thinking that there are so many ideas out there that can make a business boom in no time. Instead of opening a restaurant or selling clothes, we at Oranges Mugs decided to go into the customizing and printing business. It is a bit unconventional because not a lot of places offer the same kind of service, but that is why we love it. 

One of the reasons why we chose to go into the printing business is because it gives us a chance to be creative. We love working with our fellow employees and our customers to make amazing designs for mugs, shirts, balloons and so much more. 

We also love our job because we get to give people a personalized token. Instead of just buying ready-made products at the mall, we get to be a part of a gift-giving situation where they are really made with love and effort. Seeing some of our customers happy is what fuels us at Oranges Mugs to keep on going. 

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